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About Us

On the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekanada’s birth anniversary, we are inaugurating our web channel, News Danka.

News Danka’s tagline is ‘Rashtrawadacha Buland Awaj’. Maharashtra’s poppulation is 10 cr. Marathi diaspora is also quite large. Our focus is on these people. We will look at world affairs, through the lenses of Marathi community. We will analyse events directly and indirectly connected to India.

Even though the focus of web channel is political, one can find a wide range of topics here. One can find discussion on books, a glance at environment, a look at science and also a comment or two on technology. 

We can assure you, that whatever we give, it will be significantly different and readers will cherish it. We also have a studio through which we are creating informative, objective as well as opinion videos along with interviews not just with politicians but singers, actors and many other dignitaries. There would be discussion on English, Hindi and Marathi books, to encourage reading culture. Through our interviews, we would like to introduce well deserved but less known faces to our audience. 

When News Danka was conducting dry run, the chairman of Lalit Kala Academy Mr. Uttam Pacharane arrived. Mr. Pacharane himself is a great sculptor and he is the one who created Savarkar Jyoti at Andaman. Even though he is the chairman of such great central organization, he is very down to earth. His greatness unfolds, only when we start conversing with him. Bypassing government’s red-tapism he installed rare creations of great artists in Prime Minister’s residence and Rashtrapati Bhavan; free of cost. Such people are very rare. We want to bring such gems into the limelight through our interviews.

It is expected that, journalism should be unbiased, but that was never the case. Journalism has always been biased. Everyone working in media, carries his own ideology and tries to defend it. The only difference is, sometimes it is for certain leader or sometimes for a party. Hence, neutrality is only in discussions. We have decided our own direction. We stand for Nationalism. Our journalism will never ever go against it, but we will surely use it to hit hard on those who go against national interest. Today, misinforming has become a practice in journalism. The focus is diverted from critical issues through fake news. News Danka is a ‘Buland’ response to such practices. 

By inaugurating web portal on Vivekananda Jayanti, we are giving out a clear message. We are doing it for our beloved readers. We hope you will love us and also bless us. With your support and wishes with us we are confident of our success. 

The idea behind this portal is of our friend MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar. The depth of his knowledge is so much that had he not been in politics, he would have become an editor of a great channel. As he accepted to be consulting editor, I am getting the company of the person under whom I started my journalism career. Famous businessman Mr. Prashant Karulkar is firmly with us. There hasn’t been even a single incident where, one discusses a good idea with Mr. Karulkar, and he turns it down. News Danka was also not an exception for that. With the help of these two great personalities, we are sure, the News Danka will leave its own mark. 

Our Team

  • Editor- In- Chief: Mr. Dinesh Kanji
  • Consulting Editor: MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar
  • Chief Mentor: Mr. Prashant Karulkar
  • Associate Editor: Mahesh Vichare
  • Chief Co-Ordinator: Sudarshan Surve
  • Special Correspondent: Santosh Kale
  • Sub-Editor: Mruga Banaye
  • Senior Video Editor: Vaishnav Duble
  • Video Editor and Motion Graphics: Dinesh Bidlan
  • Director of Photography: Ajay Kshirsagar
  • Admin and Videographer: Omkar Bhagwat
  • Cameraman: Shubham Pavadmal 
  • Social Media Executive: Deepali Gohil
  • Social Media Executive: Pallavi Mankame 
  • Marketing Executive: Anmol Kuwlekar

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